Tuesday, January 15, 2008

グルメセレクト クリームグラタン カマンベール仕立て

So here's what it looks like. Frente is vertically, horizontally, weblike, and at least in 4 dimensions integrated into useless consumable items. They have their fingers in Koikeya, who is the second largest snack food biz in Japan. Koikeya has a line of potato chips, Oh! Chips. Though better than Lays or any number of US mass market chips, Oh Chips are pretty much a second thought to most idle shoppers in the konbinis. Most budget brands are better than Oh! Chips. And somewhere at the bottom of this food chain, the lonely food technologists take the orders and come up with the Gourmet Selection Cream Gratin Camembert "Tailored" Chip. This mouthful of words is certainly more flavorful than the final product itself - a sad concoction of potato flakes, various artificial flavors, and God-knows-what-else. But along traditional corporate lines, I'm sure no one will take responsibility for this travesty. But if you click on this link - http://frente.co.jp/ir/img/photo_presi.jpg - here's his picture. His name is Takashi Koike and he must bear the ultimate responsibility.