Thursday, June 14, 2007


The big Suika Bar is a prettty damn good frozen confection from Lotte. Lotte started off in the chewing gum market after WWII and expanded horizontally into all things sweet. They are the folks responsible for such things as the Crunky Bar and Koala's March (コアラのマーチ Koara no māchi) - those wonderful little chocolate filled cookies shaped like koala bears. The Suika Bar is a watermelon popsicle, brilliant in its simplicity and ingenuity. Shaped like a watermelon wedge, one can see the pink flesh, the pale green rind and little "seeds" - just like the real thing. The main part of the bar is a fruit ice (only 10% juice) that tastes very watermelon-y, though quite sweet. Little "seeds" are scattered throughout the ice. Don't spit them out. They're individual puffed rice grains covered in chocolate. The have the slight pop and give of real watermelon seed, but taste much better. The rind itself has a slightly different flavor than the rest of the pop - relatively insipid, with a slight citrus edge. Again, just like the real thing. Not quite as fruity and refreshing as a Mexican paleta, but certainly a huge leap from any frozen fruit confections that one would find in the USA.

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